A Special Opportunity for You!

Conference time will be here before you know it! We are so excited, and we can’t wait to see all of you there!

We are really looking forward to the Exhibitor Speed Networking platform. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from all of you who attended last year and enjoyed having five minute sessions, face-to-face, with each and every broker in attendance. But the speed networking event is not the only chance you’ll get to network with our brokers! We have so many other opportunities built into the schedule – from our Broker Mingle Breakfast and Networking Lunch, to our CFB courses which are open to both brokers and franchisors. And don’t forget about the always-fun Cocktail Reception on Monday night!

To help lighten your load and your schedule, we’re ending the Exhibitor portion of our conference on Tuesday afternoon, at about 3:15pm (right after the second session of the speed networking). Many of you have already scheduled flights to leave that night, which gives you an opportunity to get a full day’s head start on developing the contacts you’ve made at this year’s conference.

However, for those of you who are planning on staying at the hotel on Tuesday night, we have made a special offer available just for you! For an additional $100 per person, you can attend our Tuesday night Awards Dinner & Party AND stay for our Wednesday half-day program too! This fee is simply to recoup some of our food costs, but it also gives you an opportunity for even MORE networking and interaction with our brokers!

Click here to register!