IFG 50/50 – Bronze Sponsor!

IFG 50/50The FBA is so excited to have IFG 50/50 as a Bronze Sponsor at our conference this year!

The Interface IFG 50/50 franchise requires:

NO cold Calling
NO advertising
NO telemarketing
NO direct mail
No unsocial hours

However it does offer an above average return on working capital. With the IFG Capital Leverage Plan that return could be in the 3-digit range!

IFG 50/50 franchisees provide an in-demand service for small business owners-cash flow acceleration. They work with clients that are referred to them-No cold calling etc…

The IFG 50/50 comfort zone means that every transaction is reviewed, approved and funded with the franchisor. Every investment a franchisee makes is matched by the franchisor hence IFG50/50.

IFG 50/50 franchisees empower small business growth and the IFG system in turn empowers the franchisee’s growth.