Conference Exclusive CFB Courses!

Get Your CFB!

The Certified Franchise Broker program is the ONLY certification designed for franchise brokers and consultants. At this year’s International Franchise Brokers Conference and Expo, November 10-12, 2014, Orlando, FL we are offering 6 exclusive CFB courses which will only be available during conference! And, best of all, there is NO additional fee for these courses! All 6 courses are included in your conference registration fee.

This creates a huge savings, protects your business from liability, and gives you major credibility with your clients. Don’t miss out! As our consultants become more seasoned, we are providing trainings at the conference to cater to their refined knwoledge. These trainings are designed to not only give you credit towards your CFB designation, but also to take your consulting to the next level of professionalism, efficiency, and profitability.

Here are the 6 exclusive CFB courses being offered this year:

If you are a new broker, the good news is that senior brokers will be in attendance, so this is a perfect opportunity to make some contacts and learn from each other. The CFB courses wil be a great benefit to you as well. The time is now and the resources are here, so take advantage of them!