Franchise Motivational Speaker Announced for 2015!

Are you ready to maximize your profits in franchising?

Brought to you by popular demand! Don’t Miss Keynote Speaker Steve LeFever and his electrifying presentation: “Profit Mastery – A Focus on Profitability & Performance.”

Finance = boring. For Steve LeFever, this equation doesn’t work.

Franchise Conference - Keynote Speaker - Steve LeFeverWith a superior command of his subject material, he makes finance compelling, interesting, and funny. Steve’s unique ability to take complex topics and translate them into plain English separates him from the crowd.

Steve’s clients routinely tell him that they never expected to take away so much new knowledge from a keynote speech. As a franchise motivational speaker, Steve has a rare skill – being able to motivate business owners and advisors to enthusiastically explore the financial workings of a business and change the areas that need changing. Steve will make you believe that finance ≠ boring; instead you’ll agree with him when he says, “Finance is fun!”

Part comedian, part financial manager, former commercial banker, current entrepreneur, and 100% world-class presenter, franchise motivational speaker, Steve LeFever drives home his message with a no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach that makes him the top-rated presenter at virtually every conference he attends. For over 20 years, Steve has combined humor and practical knowledge in hard-hitting, substantive presentations. His ratings currently rank him as the highlight of his clients’ conventions in a wide spectrum of industries.

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