Executive Care is a Bronze Sponsor!

The FBA is proud to announce that Executive Care will be a Bronze Sponsor at the 2015 International Franchise Brokers Conference & Expo!

Executive_Care“Home health care is one of the most profitable franchises” – Kelly Kennedy of USA TODAY reported in her May 7, 2012 article.

The article reveals that as opposed to food franchises, for example, which operate on slim margins, Home Health Care businesses can generate gross margins of 30%-40%! The article also highlights that those who own Home Health Care franchises experience high owner satisfaction.

Consider opening your own in-home care franchise with Executive Care and be your own boss. If you want to experience accomplishment and meaning, see your investment grow, and make a positive impact on your community, one family at a time, then Executive Care could be the Home Care franchise opportunity for you.

The founders of Executive Care have built an in-home care company on a foundation of deep caring and commitment – one client, one family, one caregiver, one community at a time.