Interface Financial Group - Bronze Sponsor

The Interface Financial Group is a provider of short-term working capital to small businesses. Owners work with business clients who need immediate cash flow assistance to continue, sustain, and/or grow their businesses - they become "small business problem solvers" in resolving cash flow and growth issues and making local funding decisions.

Founded in 1972, The Interface Financial Group enjoyed almost immediate success and began offering franchises in 1990 to meet the growing demand for Interface's unique invoice discounting system. Interface now has over 150 franchised offices throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Interface offers a unique franchise model in a trillion dollar industry. Interface teaches franchisees how to be successful because Interface was very successful in the same business for over two decades. They now franchise what they have created and perfected over many years. They are not in competition with their franchisees.

Best In Class Education Centers - Bronze Sponsor

Best In Class Education Centers provide school-aged children with supplemental learning opportunities in the areas of Mathematics and English, as well as SAT and ACT preparation. They have a highly flexible operation, modeled to be a hybrid of best existing tutoring franchises.  Best in Class Education Center classes focus on key enrichment subjects - English and mathematics, plus ACT and SAT preparation. Individual tutoring is also provided for other requested subjects. Focus is on vocabulary in English, problem solving in Math. Their management team has been both a franchisee and franchisor, and they have adequate personnel in place to support a growing number of franchisees.

Best in Class traces its roots to BrainChild Education Centers, a Canadian company established in 1998. U.S. operations were established in 1995. in 2010, they changed their name to Best In Class Education.

ColorGlo International - Bronze Sponsor

Color Glo® has developed and provides exclusive proprietary products and patented methods which are today providing their franchises a quality of life most people can only dream of. They have developed a strong team approach to assuring their franchisees' success in business. By forming this “dynamic partnership” with each of their franchises they are positioned in these billion dollar markets to grow well into the future. Auto dealers and furniture retailers are but two of the numerous industries they are serving. Their skilled technicians worldwide, renew, and extend the service life of any fabric indefinitely, with their proprietary environmentally safe water-based restoration system.

Color Glo® International is able to repair and clean a variety of problems with leather, vinyl, velour and most fabrics.

They are a specialist business that services the following sectors:

They repair, restore and re-dye:

They also offer a deodorizing service to all of the above sectors.