Franchise Brokers Association

Exhibitor Registration Terms and Conditions

13th Annual International Franchise Broker Conference & Expo

By registering for the event, Exhibitor agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Exhibitor specifically recognizes and agrees that FBA will sustain losses in the event the Exhibitor fails to provide timely written notice of cancellation (by certified mail). In keeping with industry practice, the existence of which practice is acknowledged by the Exhibitor, and in view of spaces, and the like, the Exhibitor agrees upon the following late cancellation assessment schedule as being in the nature of liquidated damages, which schedule is designed specifically to compensate FBA for its losses and not constitute a penalty, should the Exhibitor fail to provide timely written notice, by certified mail, of cancellation of all or any part of its assigned exhibitor space.

Date of Cancellation Refund  — Assessment (% of rental fee for space cancelled)
Until September 30, 2021 ——— 50%
After September 30, 2021 ——— 0%

Cancellations will be accepted only in accordance with the above schedule. There will be no refunds for cancellations received after September 30, 2021. Any refunds due to the Exhibitor as the result of cancellation of this Contract will be made after the completion of the Conference. Failure to make full payment of exhibit space rental fees by date indicated on invoice or Contract, filed prior to, or on, that date, will subject Exhibitor to cancellation of Contract by FBA and liability for balance due. If exhibitor space is not occupied on November 15th and/or 16th, FBA shall have the right to use such space. FBA’s re-letting of an Exhibitor’s cancelled space shall not act to excuse Exhibitor from assessment. If FBA cancels Contract with Exhibitor, due to a product, service, or vendor change, FBA will refund the Exhibitor the full amount paid to FBA for exhibitor space and/or sponsorship. Except as the Exhibitor’s rental obligation may be reduced through cancellation and refund in accordance with the above schedule, the Exhibitor is responsible for the total exhibit space rental fees irrespective of the reason for cancellation, including cancellation by the Exhibitor because of the failure of the materials to arrive for any reason, or cancellation by FBA of the Conference in whole or in part as a result of riot, strike, civil disorder, infectious disease, act of war, act of God, or any reason of any kind whatsoever not within the FBA’s control. However, in such instances of the FBA cancellation, FBA will make every reasonable effort to reschedule or conduct the Conference in spite of such acts or circumstances beyond its control. Should it ultimately be impossible to hold the Conference in such instances FBA may retain and/or will be due such part of the Exhibitor’s exhibit space rental fees as shall be required to the FBA for expenses incurred up to the time a contingency beyond its control shall have occurred.