Express Employment Creates Heroes- 2012 Gold Sponsor

Business owners are the true American heroes of our society.  Think about what they do.  They turn an idea into a way to provide a product or a service.  They employ people to assist with the development, creation, distribution and sale of that product or service.

By employing people they are giving those individuals the opportunity to have shelter over there heads, to have a pantry full of food, to express themselves through clothing, to have luxuries like going to the movies, out to dinner and on vacations, to have the ability to speak to anyone in the world through the phone in their pocket and to be able to have instant access and knowledge to any possible subject they can imagine through their computer and internet connection.  This incredibly abundant life started with a job.

As an employer, this is an exceptionally gratifying realization.  Now imagine being in a business that is the employer for thousands of other businesses.  Everyday your job is to put other people to work, giving them an opportunity for a quality life.

At Express Employment Professionals, they embrace a culture of success.  With a massive state of the art building as their headquarters, they use the training centers throughout as incubators for successful franchisees.  They train Express franchisees on the guarded secrets of business success.  It is a logical formula that has been proven repeatedly throughout their 550 franchisees.  After this intensive training and rehearsal stage for 3 weeks the franchisee leaves with appointments in hand and a confidence they never knew possible.

They return to their local office and begin meeting with willing sophisticated clients that need their help.  They become a trusted advisor to Supervisors, Officers, HR Professionals and Mangers.  They spend their days nurturing relationships with these clients and helping potential employees find security through a job.

The back office administration is made easy through the workload Express Employment Professionals corporate office takes on.  Franchisees work business hours creating a sense of balance most business owners don’t have.  They give the franchisee freedom to live a normal life with big earnings potential.  The average franchisee in 2011 earned $4 million dollars in revenue, almost double (in the worst economy) from 2 years prior ($2 million in 2009).

With 29 years of experience, a track record of an 80% success rate and a culture that inspires people daily, Express Employment is a company that any potential business owner would love to be aligned with.  They are rebuilding American and the people in it every day.  Now is the time to join the Express Employment Family and start making a difference in your community, your country and your life.  That’s what we call purpose.

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