CFB Instructor Terry Sullivan!

Terry Sullivan, CFB , CFM, CFSC, is the President of LBC Franchising Corp, a national franchise coaching firm based in West Linn, Oregon. As the former President and CEO of an energy industry trade association as well as a former business owner, Terry has managed every aspect of the business enterprise. Having tired of the travel and long hours required of his management roles, Terry transitioned his experiences to franchising where he coaches and consults with a variety of business owners.

In addition to coaching and consulting, Terry helps his clients looking to own a business to identify, evaluate and acquire franchised concepts, an area he has developed expertise through his own franchise ownership and coaching practice. For five years Terry was a regional developer for a chiropractic franchise, where he recruited doctors and coached them and their teams giving him a 360 degree view of the franchising model.

Through his private brand, Choiceology, Terry speaks and writes about empowerment through conscious choice making. Helping others to realize their potential is the real passion in Terry’s life. As a life long learner, Terry recognizes that learning agility, business discipline and a healthy dose of optimism are essential success ingredients. This recipe is the foundation for Terry’s success in coaching clients while building a rich yet balanced personal life.

Terry holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Media from Pacific University and is a graduate of the US Chambers organizational management program at UCLA. He is certified as an association director (CAE), certified as a franchise broker (CFB), certified in franchise sales compliance (CFSC) and actively trains other franchise coaches and small business owners through the Franchise Brokers Association.

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