Why Should You Attend a Professional Conference?

We took a list of “13 Reasons to Attend Professional Conferences” from an article by Mitchell Friedman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Career Services of the Presidio Graduate School, and adapted it to our industry:

  1. To learn about key issues in the industry as a whole (and your area of interest in particular) as articulated by practitioners.
  2. To meet people and organizations addressing these same key issues.
  3. To meet people with whom you’ve established a relationship on social media.
  4. To initiate relationships with others that you can continue by social media and/or meetings in person.
  5. To learn about projects and other work-based possibilities.
  6. To learn about financial opportunities relevant to your area(s) of interest.
  7. To gain insight into the experiences of others who face challenges similar to yours.
  8. To learn about publications and other resources relevant to your area(s) of interest.
  9. To generate ideas for articles, books, and/or other media that you might produce to address key issues in your field and in the process establish yourself as a valuable resource for others.
  10. To forge partnerships with colleagues who address key common issues/concerns.
  11. To identify opportunities for service within the profession as a whole, and possibly through the professional association that is sponsoring the conference.
  12. To demonstrate your commitment to the profession and organization sponsoring the conference.
  13. To become familiar with the city and/or culture where the conference is held.

To read the original article, please click here.

These all sound like great reasons to attend the 6th Annual International Franchise Brokers Conference & Expo. Leave us a note in the comments to tell us what you think!


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