Follow Up with Last Year’s Platinum Sponsor

FranVest Management was the Platinum Sponsor for the 5th Annual International Franchise Brokers Conference & Expo.¬†FranVest Management is a company founded to help people achieve the American Dream through direct franchise management programs. The folks at FranVest have been very active lately launching their FranVest America EB-5 Direct Investment Program. In the FranVest America Program the emphasis is placed on the immigrant candidate and not the goals of a developer. FranVest’s objective with this program is to create lasting businesses that achieve the goals of all stakeholders.

A team from FranVest attended the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention in New Orleans on February 22-25, 2014, and the Invest in America 2014 Summit & Exhibition in Shanghai, China, on March 22-23, 2014. While in China, the team also visited with potential Chinese investors in Beijing, Changchun, and Kunming.



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