Stay Sharp!

In the famous book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People the author explains that you must take time to sharpen your saw. If you try to saw down a tree with a dull saw, you will spend hours and hours in futile work, whereas if your saw is sharp you can cut down the tree with precision and speed. The metaphor can also be used when applied to your business.

When we are in business, it is easy to say that we are too busy to take the time to “sharpen our saw” but in reality that’s when we need it most. As a business owner, we must be a jack-of-all-trades and it can be challenging. If we don’t take the time to sit back, reflect, redirect, and network we can get lost in the daily grind.

Don’t let that happen to you or your business! You are the type of business owner that is creative and driven. You need to make sure you are driving in the right direction, so heed this warning and spend time sharpening your saw by coming to this year’s International Franchise Brokers Conference & Expo, taking place on November 10-12, 2014, in Orlando.

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